No longer a little girl, but

A beautiful blogger sharing her own poem prompted me to reblog this and for new followers who recently have been writing about missing the child they lost so long ago. With love ❤

Emerging From The Dark Night


Grow up?


Child self, essence

Closest to home is when

You are here with me

We are dancing

All the tragedy is yet to befall us

Our heart was awake

Even then

Now over years

We have been

Poring over the ashes of it all

The tears we shed

Turned into a river

We surf on golden sandles

Survivors both

Our sister may be gone

But she is not truly dead

Does anything we have loved

So deeply

Truly die?

I think not

So don’t grow up, baby

Stay young

And dance with me

In the falling dusk

Upon the funeral pyre

In this ocean of stars

Where we find love

That nothing outside us

Can diminish

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