Dark and light

Yin Yang.jpg

Dark and light

Day and night

Wrong and right

Break me apart

You will find

I am not singular

I am a paradox

And I contain opposites

Say things to me

Little silly sayings the vacous say

What do you do all day?

I swim in deep oceans

And some days almost drown in the pain

Or get eaten by sharks

On other days

Jasper and I don our threads

Launch ourselves out into the sunlight

And run through fields

Joy dancing in our hearts

Boundless in our spontenity

With nothing but love to give

We meet so many brick walls

People sequestered in normality

Who would run a mile

If they could see who we really are

And where we really live on the dark days

Dark or light

Day or night

Right or wrong

Don’t ask me

I have no answers

I am a living paradox

A walking box of questions

Who lives to write

Who writes to live

And then suffers a critic

Who tells me I am nothing

And suffer for a worthless art

Just as my father said

Who speaks the truth?

Who knows the truth?

Is there one truth?

Perhaps the entire question is problematic

Perhaps wholeness demands

That we enlarge our vision

To encompass meanings far beyond

Fixed opposites

That we live to be and fully express

The deeper truth of our soul

Both dark and the light

Wrong and the right

By day and night

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