Not broken


If you have been told or come to believe

Through some mistake

That you are broken

You are bad

You are wrong

Simply for feeling and being who you are

Kick the shaming voices out of your head

Cut the endless feedback tape loop

Or tie the tape in knots

And throw it in the trash

Let the nasty negative voices yammer,

Yammer on

But don’t let them hammer your soul

And being into submission

Shut the door

And shout it out

At times I feel small, weak and vulnerable

And even more so

When you tell me I am less that I am

But being able to own this

Makes me strong

And I have gifts

I feel deeply and I see a lot

That makes me open and wise

I feel pain and doubt at times

That means I am very human and alive!

 But I am not broken

I do not need to be fixed

I just need to feel free enough

To feel this life

And throw open loving arms and being

Wide enough

To embrace it all

All the pain, all the joy, all the heartache, all the longing

Allowing it to move through me

And in being true

Find the courage to say without fear

This is me

And no inner or outer voice

Will cripple my spirit any more

Or convince me that I am broken

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