IS Narcissism the new world order

A tremendously insightful post from someone who has great depth of awareness into narcissism and its counter force empathy. A body flooded with overwhelming stress chemical naturally seeks soothing, thus addiction or attempts to displace the stress, thus other painful behaviours.

The journey of the Soul

As a child, we are often conditioned to behave and learn from what our care givers believe is the correct way to live. Our care givers are led by a society in which a collective group of people develop rules and restrictions for the human life. When we as a child attempt to do or say something that goes against the rules that society has designed. We feel anger at being chastised. This anger, is then repressed. Compartmentalised in the dark recess of your mind.

Anger is not negative, it’s an emotion, that when utilised correctly, we can work through it to release any negative conditioning we have inbuilt into our personality.
When expressed appropriately, it helps the person to develop a healthy sense of the self, helping manage uncomfortable emotions through self control. When suppressed, which it often is in this hostile, conditioned world, the child suppresses their true…

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