Deep Sea Diver


I am

the deep sea diver

to this

my soul






that have sunk

so deep down

within my soul

that seem to be forgotten

under the heavy weight

of unshed tears

remembered by my body

they resurface in waves

that heave and swell and then flow forward

like a flood

that cleanses

this the unconscious suffering in my soul

This wreckage

I dive for


a train wreck

a car crash

a high flying plane

shot down

nose diving and crashing

this bower bird pile

I now assemble

into a mosaic

pattern contains

fractured fragments

now become something valuable

what seemed to be

a discarded wreckage

becomes a work of art

its all in the

action I take

to make sense of pain

to accept open to and not reject

that which in being broken

creates the rich mosaic pattern

of my soul

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