Inner compass


My spirit and body long to be connected

In a way my mind often will not let me know

It worries or has been lead to believe

That hope and longing will only lead to injury


Or disconnection

Oh so sad my soul

Really is your longing to fly

So deeply buried

That you make yourself sink like a heavy stone

To the bottom of an ocean

You created with a mind fed on too much loneliness and imagining?

Being left alone in your mind

Having not been held consciously in others minds

Falling out of attention

Meant cuts, burns and piercings

Deep and terrible hurts

That the body remembers even now

Long after mind and remembering forgot

So how can you find the way to freedom with the mind

Only body says by keeping mind open

To the tale I have to tell

To the experiences and rememberings you forgot

Mind, listen to me when I say

There not here

Here not there

I carry everything you even need to know deep inside

Trust me

Believe me

Listen, please

Let mind be your witness

But not the mixed up driver

Sending you on wild goose chases

As a defence

Against finding and connecting

To the inner compass

You carry deep inside

And to a world outside

In which love lives

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