Goodbye to the meadows


When the losses of your past possess your soul

It is so hard to let go

When memories of those connected times

Of months you spend surrounded by natures gift

Living as you did

On the brink of the meadow

Cycling at twilight

Through cow parsley waist high


And you think of how much promise there was

And how much unravelled

It feels as if your heart couldn’t expand wide enough

To fully encompass all the tears and pain

And yet there is some sweet relief in finally being able to feel

The true reality

That has been caged and locked down

Deep inside your heart for so long

Today you said to me

This is you saying goodbye to Jonathan

Yes, and I can never go back

So I must cherish what memories I can

And be grateful we had that summer

Where nature’s gifts surrounded us

Before everything shattered

And the dark night came down

Like a heavy blanket

Separating us

From connection

From love

Robin I remember you

I can never go back

But in my mind’s eye I watch you hop along the fence

And cry with remembering

How much your gentle presence

Was loved

“if we were not capable of laying our desires to rest, returning them to pure energy, we would be enchained forever, prisoners of what we once held dear.”

Gray Crawford

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