Gifts of life

Gratitude 2

Grateful today for simple pleasures and gifts of life

Sunlight warming my heart

Vibrant orange colour of juicy mandarin that I savour with my glass of lemon, ginger and honey

Beautiful images online with soulful sayings

Music that has the power to uplift and inspire

Filling the soul with all kinds of deep feeling and joy

Poetry that falls from the fingers of talent writers

In books and particularly on Worpress

Beautiful humans sharing and exposing their souls

Shared family moments when we reminisce on past times

While deeper grief lays silently unspoken under the words

A deeper knowing arising within me

That love is really the basis of everything

And truly can be the fuel that inspires any movement

And any decision taken on any day

Gratitude for the awakening of a consciousness

That can be aware of

And thankful for all of these gifts

Most especially the gift of an open heart

Capable of feeling free awake and fully alive in this precious moment

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