Night fall


Soul 2

Night fall throw down your shades

Wrap your loving blanket of darkness around me

Turn my sight and energy deep inside

To a place of belonging, heart and home

Where I feel more safety and cosiness

and am fully known

Daybreak you often hurt

Attended by startle awakening

By a struggle to surface

From a dreaming slumber

Where I wandered through meaningful labyrinths of soul

Glades where I rested, dreamt, imagined

Free from distortions of waking life


Slowly coming to after travelling so far away

Life feels alien and empty or full of threat

And my body’s integrity is splintered

Schisms zone in and out of awareness

And I seek to repair them

With agony twist

Bringing unconsciousness into consciousness


Within your deepness

I can travel far beyond where mind alone can go

Daybreak you bring the memory

Of all that befell me when control was lost

And fate spun me upside down

So that nothing made any sense

Now like a confused sleepwalker

I am left to wander and find my way

Across what feels like foreign land

I find no memory of safe entry into the world

Travelling on an infinite highway

That takes me far from home

Night and darkness when your love has gone

How can I find myself again

By remembering the night

And no longer resisting daybreak


You rest on explanations

Being you have no need for explanations

You are just an infinite question

That extends its knowing out

Into vast spaces beyond thought

Through you I am dissolved and also connected

In a way I can never truly be

At day break

So is it any wonder

That when night falls

I feel as though I can finally breathe

Be and relax

Into a blanket of darkness

That returns me to my true home

To my deep soul

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