Love, calm, peace



You are an open vibrating field of energy

That only wants to accept, allow and encompass

Whatever arises

You are a healing ocean

That has the power to wash clear and clean

Our wounded places

And soothe our aching heart


You let things be and you let things breathe

You know when to let go

And help us to stop striving too hard

In ways that only bring pain


You descend as a companion

Who arrives when love and calm

Have replaced struggle, stress and pain

In that place where we find you

Our inner being

Opens like a lotus flower

After being closed so tight and hard

That everything inside us ached

Petal by petal

As you unfold

Often through pain

You reveal the deeper truth

That all that occurred

Was really sent

To awaken us

Love, calm, peace

Help us open our hearts

And welcome you in

So we can receive your blessings

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