Learning to Suffer With Joy

I was fortunate to find this wonderful blog through the writers comment on one of my posts. This one is beautifully expressed.

Breaking the cycle of Abuse

I have learned to suffer with joy.

This past October, in a talk that resonated deeply with me, President Russell M. Nelson addressed the members of the LDS church, speaking about Joy and Spiritual Survival. (click here to read full text)  In our women’s support group I asked the members if they’ve had any success feeling joy during their journey of recovering from abuse. For the most part, everyone had a hard time attaching the word joy to their journey of healing. This is understandable as the pain that is a part of abuse recovery is excruciating! There are days, weeks, months and even years of agony and the depression and anxiety that accompany this journey tend to swallow up the aspects of our lives that can qualify as joy.

So how can we find joy? What are some things that we can do now, even in the midst of…

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