So positive and life affirming also shows how important exercise is to assist mental and emotional health.

Summer Starts to Shine

I feel proud to be a British citizen right now…for the simple reason that lately there has been an explosion of MENTAL HEALTHNESS all over the UK media.


Everyday there is a mental health story in the top headlines, and rightly so….

As pointed out by the royals…”mental health underpins EVERYTHING”

Last night was TV gold for me (being a person passionate about mental health and influencing public attitudes to be more accommodating and less stigmatising towards those of us living with mental health issues).

The BEEB aired the first part of the two-part documentary “Mind over Marathon”

I LOVED IT and wanted to do lots of excited mental health blogger things such as air punching, twerking, shimmying, and all other kinds of happy enthusiastic madness.

I also happened to cry LOTS at various points throughout the programme, but especially at the end…I won’t say what happened, as I don’t want…

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