Stuck inside

Stuck inside I can’t breathe the air

So many times I could not move

I was chained in, pinned down, held back


Burns like fire

To be burning here and not be able to find

A cool stream

Or a fresh breeze

To blow through this stasis

Let me go

My breath and body says

I am becoming so much more conscious

Of how I hold my breath

And when the breath is not flowing

I am tight

Or sucking up energy and air

That would rather be unleashed

I am holding on

Not letting go

Not really accepting

For accepting is the free breath

The open heart

And it might hurt like hell

When will knows there is no other way

And must surrender

But this I know this surrender is better

This letting go is needed

For without it

There is only death


No feeling

No surrender

No letting in

No new life

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