This post pulls no punches. Some people really suffer so deeply and their voice and pain and anger needs to be heard.

Summer Starts to Shine

Today’s post is for me…it isn’t for an imaginary audience. It’s for me. It may not entertain you. You may not agree with it. You might want to skip this one over. This post is for me.

Today is Easter Sunday 2017. I cannot articulate clear enough how much I DISLIKE and DETEST Easter, (and all the other Christian festivals).

I am not one who today is entering into the festivities with child-like enthusiasm or even adult-like contentment. Today is a day I want to skip. I want today to be over…which is very much the feeling I had as a little girl who wished her life were over.


Christian Festivals make me feel unwell. Today I feel sick with a churning stomach. I haven’t even touched chocolate eggs…this is the just the Christian festival effect on me.

I briefly went on Facebook, saw a few triggering photos my Christian friends had…

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