The healing power of soul

Living soul

I truly do believe

That there is always a part of ourselves that is complete

That is not touched by all the traumas

And all the neglect

A sacred, silent, soulful part of us

Which can witness all our wounds

And bind them up

Knowing they are not the full truth of us

There is always a part of us

That is whole and complete

We need to end the identification forever

With the wounded self

We need to know there is a place in us far deeper

That has the capacity to embrace

Even the most agonising feelings

And hold them in love

A place in us that holds a lamp of light

That can illuminate the darkness

And in time dispel the pain

But this requires of us a deeper letting go

And an undoing of the illusion of hurt and pain

An understanding of

The most powerful transformative potential

Of our awakened soul

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