Love is an ocean

smell the sea

Love is an ocean

Ride it

Don’t cower on the shore

Fearful to set sail

In case you drown

Know that within in you

Deep, deep down

You have the capacity to ride it

To allow yourself to be mixed and swirled

By all its messy currents

Tossed hither and thither

Not holding on at all

But on some level holding true and strong

The ocean of love and confusion

Wants to move you

It wants to open you up

And in flowing through your veins

Cleanse the silted places

Where misunderstanding resides

But allowing its flow

Can be painful and scary

And risky too

What if you don’t survive it?

What if it carries you somewhere

You don’t want to go?

What if it takes from you

Something you felt was so essential to your soul?

And how then will you get back

To dry land?

To sanity?

Perhaps its human for us to fear the ocean

On some level it appears as a maelstrom

And Neptune was portrayed as fearful God

And yet in his depths

We are opened to realisations

That could have never come before

In his squall we experience a tempest

That appears to undo

All our best laid plans

And yet this ocean

Of love is where we come from

And where we will return

So why not ride the tide

And open to its flow

Allowing it to carry us

Where love knows

We most need to go?

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