Horse Embrace.jpg

Get this damn bridle of my mouth

I am not a prize horse or possession you can own

Or seek to tame

Or mould to your purposes

I am a spirit

And if I was born for anything

I was born to be free

The way you treated my body

Made me feel that I was strange

All out of shape

Too tall

Too long

Too fine boned

Too thin

But those who love me say I am graceful

And elegant

Like a wild gazel

And just because you cannot appreciate me

Doesn’t mean I am wrong

I was not born to be bridled

Yoked in

Chained to your ideas of wrong and right

As a spirit and a soul I was born free

And I see what happens to the caged beast

How society says it is mad

When it reacts to the raping of its wildish ways

Rather than face the part it played

It is society that is mad

Just as the Native American’s said

Give me back my soul

Or get the hell out of my way

For I was born to be free

And none of us was born to be bridled

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