You told me


You told me

“Don’t cry”

“Its not so bad”

“Don’t let it upset you”

But it does

And I feel deeply

Its just who I am

I am not here to be a stagnant pool

In which water that does not flow

Becomes rancid

I am here to be a raging river

And to free myself from what a dam

My body has become

From being reigned in so tightly

In a straight jacket

My feelings run deep

Are as deep as an ocean

Remember when I told you

Not knowing me

You were asking me to explain

An ocean in a tear drop

For each tear drop contains a river or an ocean

And it is only when feelings

Are allowed to run free

That they can take us

To where our soul most needs to be

The deeper home that we long for

And know

Somewhere inside

In a place

Far beyond words

Or prohibitions

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