When dreams die

There are things

When our dreams die

We fall into the darkest place

A place where all we longed and hoped for

Seems an impossible dream

And it becomes so hard to love where we are now

For the pain is so deep

And inside we feel so cold

Where a warm fire once burned

Of faith

Of hope

Of love

We only feel wreckage

Something inside of us is breaking apart

And the breaking hurts

We cannot see yet

How this breaking is also an opening

To a new state of being

One in which hope

Though removed from view

Leaves in its space

A place where we are touched

By a deeper understanding

A deeper reality

And often this takes so long to birth

And we spend years inside the chrysalis

Of our broken dreams

Spinning and spinning

Out of our suffering

A new life and perspective

Philosophy cannot ease the pain

For philosophy is only born once pain is passed

By wiser souls

So death of dreams and loss of hope

Is often the highest price we pa

For a far deeper descent

Into a more profound reality

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