The one’s who cannot love us


The one’s who cannot love us

Who tear our minds and hearts apart

Looking for reasons why

They cannot love us

Are the one’s who set us home on a deep path

Over a steep and rocky terrain

That leads to

A true sense of self love and value inside

That perhaps was never allowed to birth

Deep within us

Concentrated on the emptiness within them

Of all they did

That does not allow them to know or receive us

We will surely drown us in dirty pools of suffering

But may be the pain we need to let go

If we wed our belief in who we are

To their rejection

And fuse it there

Well, you know the result can be suicide!

The one’s who cannot love us

Must walk away

Leaving us perhaps in a field of razors

But we also make the razors with our mind

With thoughts of how we ‘should’ have  been loved

And until we let go of the illusion and the pain

And enter our past suffering

To birth love

We will never find the reality

Of why we were drawn to empty wells

And until we accept this reality

We will lose the chance to find

A truer love that exists within

And may one day be found without

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