Saturn stations retrograde : April 6, 2017 : Lessons in mindfulness and self love

Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize or renegotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist! Weed out the source of frustration at this time. Remember, my definition for being responsible is in knowing how much you can do before you start to feel frustrated, trapped or confined – and drawing the line and saying NO before you reach that point! It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde!! You will only find that a lot of reorganizing has to be done before any successes can be made.

When transiting planets station or slow down and cease forward motion, particularly the astrological heavy weights such as Saturn things can get a bit tough.  When that station makes a significant challenging aspect with another planet there are certain lessons and challenges we are going to face.  The station retrograde of Saturn occurs on April 6 and it will square Venus which this point is just midway through it own retrograde transit.  The biggest feeling associated with retrograde Venus are challenges to feeling a sense of love and self value or worth, with Saturn thrown into the mix these feelings are super intensified and its harder to feel that feeling of love coming towards us, but Saturn will be asking us to turn back within and begin to take steps to rectify the situation from deep within the self.

Saturn shows were we need to develop a sense of self sufficiency and self responsibility but also a sense of what we owe to others in a positive way.  With Venus square Saturn we have to be aware of our boundaries though, giving out of guilt or as a way to get our own needs met is not the best idea. We give best when we give from a place of fullness and self love within, this to me would be the most positive lesson we could learn from retrograde Venus square to retrograde Saturn.

Bear in mind that this aspects only starts the retrograde cycle and will remain in effect through April while both planets continue to move backward.  In just over two weeks Venus will more forward again and it will then move out of the square to Saturn.  But a heavy feeling of disappointment or loneliness may surround us for that time.

On the positive side you may be feeling a stronger need to be alone and to spend time in self nurturing solitidue in a place where you are more open to insights from your deep inner feminine.  If that deep inner feminine is holding wounds that may have become even more highlighted by Venus retrograde now is the time to do some work with mindfulness and self compassion.  Ideally mindfulness strengthens the witness inside of us, that part of us that in some way is not as caught up in our pain or thoughts of doom or negativity and can comfort us when we find ourselves drawn into the ‘swamplands of soul’.  It is the part of us that can answer fear with love and guilt and blame with compassion and mercy while still allowing us to absorb essential lessons of where we may be able to reach out more lovingly to self and others.  It is also the part of us that really does know our own limits and has the strength to stick with them.  Negative Saturn makes us too focused on what we lack so we have to watch negative self talk with Venus square to Saturn.

Saturn on the positive side is about responsibility to your own deep soul.  It is about what you may have inherited from family ‘karma’ or shame or other things handed down that may have stood in your own way but are now yours to address.  It is an essential time to seek out sources of support which are validating, but if these begin to become sparse or difficult to find, turn within and strengthen your own resources.  Find what nurtures your soul and soothes you and focus on that. This to my mind will be the best use of the current energies.

2 thoughts on “Saturn stations retrograde : April 6, 2017 : Lessons in mindfulness and self love

  1. This is exactly what is happening for me now… I’m being sucked into unhealthy patterns, crossing my own boundaries, and being hurt… and getting very down and tired, ugh! Thanks for the reminder. I need to think about where and when to say no. ❤

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