Mindfully in the moment I breathe

What a paradox

To be mindfully in the moment

Means I am with my experience

And touch my thoughts lightly

Only to let them go

And put the focus on my breath

Noticing where it flows

Noticing the sensations on my skin

And in my body

And the feelings that arise

That tell me I am alive

Fear and terror of past pain

Makes me pull back from sensation

Too acute

It feels as though I am dying

And there is death in no forward movement

In holding on too tightly to the breath

As thoughts of fear run rampant

Touching then lightly

I let them go

I return to the breath

To the sensations in my body

To what fear feels like

Beyond thoughts of the mind

Noticing them and letting them go

I feel life again

Flowing through me

Love arises here as I open

Love and softness

Touching past pain

Letting it go

While feeling it deeply

Telling me I am alive

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