Lesson in values

It occurred to me today when I read a reading that I am going to share here, how our parents pass their often unspoken values down to us. And then they communicate in all kinds of spoken and unspoken ways how much we are of value to them and how much value they feel we have. In choosing consciously or unconsciously to pay us time and attention they pass on attitudes, ways of being, hidden feelings and inner messages which we absorb and have to work to untangle later in life when new relationships as repeats or mirrors of old ones fail or hurt us or leave us empty.

With Venus planet of love, value, self value and self esteem (often in our materialistic society transferred onto out side things) currently moving back towards Pisces from Aries its a critical them at present.  When we parent our children we need to be so mindful of what values we are passing down consciously and unconsciously but that requires we have insight and are also aware of our own carried and transferred wounds and sense of inner and outer value and values.


I recognise that what I pass onto my progeny on a person to person level is my greatest gift to them.  Anyone can give from the excess of their possessions, but a gift of self to another person has more power to sustain than money or things.  I can pass pain, alienation and misunderstanding down through the generations, or I can pass a willingness to love and to compromise. I can teach my children to live for the beauty and mystery of life, or to live for accolades and status.   When I share who I really am with my children and grandchildren, I am giving them what no one else can – gifts they can draw strength from for a lifetime.  When I withhold from and short change my children and grandchildren, I am cheating them and their society because they are the culture makers of tomorrow.

What I pass on matters

What was passed on to you?  How did it affect you?  What did it teach you about your own value?  How in alignment with your true values do you feel in this life?

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