Don’t run from pain

If you run from your pain

It will find you

It is asking something of you

Some thing most probably beyond words

So its best to listen to pain

Pain often says

There is something you dismissed

Or ignored

Or did not fully understand

Or someway in which

You turned away

Don’t ignore me for too long

I have a reason for being here

And I need to be heard

And felt

And understood

Don’t run from me says pain

Please listen

4 thoughts on “Don’t run from pain

  1. So I’ve listened. And I know what it’s saying. But there’s nothing I can do about it. Isn’t it better to numb yourself then?

    1. Do what you have to do. I have had to sit with deep pain with no painkillers often and its been bloody hard. I just think some pain does dissolve when we really attend minfully but there are sutuations where that isnt possible. This was written in response to hearing about someone I know who runs a lot from her pain. I wouldnt say it to her but I often just write what comes into my conscioudness at that time. Its not meant to be instructive. I understand well the need to numb severe pain.

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