The soul lives on

Soul 2

This world makes you believe

In temporary things

But this is just clothing

Or window dressing

For the soul is eternal

And this is something you can know

If you can just get still enough to listen

And  feel the inner connection

Deep within

To that eternal connected place

Where your soul weaves seamlessly

With all the other souls you have known or loved

And those souls whose flesh and cells

Gave rise to yours

The world wants to make you deaf dumb and blind

To these higher and deeper realities

Don’t let it!

Remember your soul

It is there waiting

In the silence

As all the others you have loved and lost

Are still there

Available to be spoken to, dreamed about, connected with

Your soul is eternal

Remember that

Although temporary things fade

The soul lives on

And you can find comfort

Within the soul

Within the silence

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