Someone Who Understands


Don’t stop looking until

You find someone who understands

Don’t stop looking until

You find someone who will hold your hand

All through the times when the going is tough

Don’t be afraid to let your heart open

And reveal what is locked inside

And although it may hurt

When others do not understand

Just keep the faith and know

You must keep looking and trusting

Until you find someone

Who truly understands

For truly who you are

Is okay

And there are deep reasons

For everything you say, feel and do

So trust your inner world, feelings, instincts and life

And don’t give up searching

Until you find those who accept you

And love you

Just as you are

One thought on “Someone Who Understands

  1. Reblogged this on Emerging From The Dark Night and commented:

    I am reblogging this partly in response to a post by the Bi Polar Writer where he shares the trauma at being told he needed to be shown tough love. What we really need when suffering from trauma or anxiety is understanding empathy and support, not to keep us stuck but to encourage us and help us know we are not strange or alone.

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