Pink Lavender Field

When the pain in your heart was too much

It felt as though

There was nothing here to hold you on earth

Around you where you needed to feel loving arms

There was only barrenness and coldness

Emotional absence

A deep void in which you felt yourself to be sinking

The pain is acute

But also is the sense of deadness

The absence of life and love

Its so hard to hold on

And there are no words of comfort I can say

Its hard

Its very hard

And you do not know

If you have the will to go on

The strength for another day

Of this emptiness

I wish there were

Loving arms around you

I wish there was someone there

To tell you you are so beautiful

That your life has meaning

Even in this barren place

I wish I could show you

How precious you really are

And how your ability to feel this emptiness

This barrenness

Is a birth

I wish there was some way to show you

How precious you are

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