Monsters out of innocents


The idea, feeling or sense that I am not okay

Is so huge in me

That I often don’t see it

Instead I hear the constant commentary in my head saying

Negative things :

You spend so much time alone

Other people connect and interact

Why don’t you?

Forgetting that on any day I do interact

And make some connections

Telling me that I am messy

When really I just leave a few things lying around

Remorseless judgement

How unkind

What a messed up mixed up monkey mind

Thinking about it I see that my thoughts

Are often skewed toward non acceptance and negativity

And I want that to change

For the negative view

Makes monsters out of innocents

It can lie to me

Casting a thick, deep fog over everything

Obscuring what really shines

Brightly and clearly

And glows with an inner radiance

Making monsters out of innocents

How unfree!

How painful to believe the lie

That there is something wrong with us

That we are not okay

When really we are,

When really

Life holds each one of us

Gently and tenderly

Loves us, accepts us

With kindness and infinite mercy

Just as we are

3 thoughts on “Monsters out of innocents

  1. Utterly beautiful, my friend! This really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing it with the world 💜❤️

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