I know I can trust you now

I feel safe to surrender my defences and melt

Into the moment that God gave

In a place were barricades

Fell down

I feel now the promise that was there all along

Buried under losses I never got to process

I feel the waste but also the promise

For on some level I feel those years have not gone

But live on deep inside me

When I listen to the music of that time

Its so gentle and sweet

And if its true that youth is wasted on the young

Now I can live

Comforted by those overseas memories

Of a precious time

When the world was there at our feet

Pain, unfelt blew it all to smithereens

But now I see a beautiful mosaic

Of souls connected in time

Who are linked forever by memories

That linger

You and I will meet again

On the other side

Then we will know the deeper purpose of this

That we don’t know now

And we will come to know

It was all perfect

And nothing truly was lost

Our vision was just obscured

By all we could not then know or see then

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