Through the storm

Rain Storm

Walk on through the storm

Hold your little one’ s hand

You have already weathered many storms

As the silent observer

In a game you could not play

Never finding a place of rest


Always there was a sense

Of being alone and apart

I think really there was nothing wrong in that

But you came to believe

There was

Like Heathcliff tapping on the window

You pleaded violently to be let in

To a place you didn’t belong

Yet longed for

And when you enter that world

A part of you feels bemused

And asks you why

You felt the need to try so hard

Is it because you forgot

You are not the storm

Your soul is the silent wind that blows

The warm embers of a fire that glows

The storm was only ever something you needed to walk through

And leave behind

To find the true path home

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