Demonstrations of love

Somewhere from deep within I hear a baby crying

It has been crying for centuries

Butterfly Garland

Sadness a deep sadness today

I don’t want to face it or live in it anymore

The winds blows and I remember

The dark dark days

When it felt like life couldn’t go on

This way for another day

I could not stand it

Too much hurt

Too much pain

Too much aloneness

No way to reach across the bridge of deep isolation

That separated me from life

Now I cannot live this way anymore

Disconnected alone

What was I replaying all those years?

It is a mystery to me

I have awoken here

Everything seems a dream

Dreamt by another dreamer

Dreamer awakens

The illusion crashes

That love comes from outside

Falls and splinters to pieces on the ground

Love is just what you do on any day

It is the action you take

In reaching a hand across the void of separation

To give

To trust

To connect

Living, giving, tusting, connecting

These are

The demonstrations of love

Without them life is sad and dead

And I do no want

To live in sadness and deadness any more

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