Cowering in the shadows


Cowering in the shadows

You realise too late how small and fearful you are

You see that you have been in prison for so long

Scared of a world you felt you could not trust

You chose retreat

So much to work through

But the work buries you at times

And you forget to truly live

Walk forward into a new day

And open your heart

To whatever comes

Not trusting you can make it

Not trusting you won’t be destroyed


Sad now, hard to see it, swallow that truth

The painful truth of what it cost you

And the pain that has brought to others who tried to love you

Autumnal winds blow

Reminding you winter is near

As you inch toward the third anniversary of her passing

The one who you loved

Whose pain was too hard to leave her alone in

So you gave up on life

But its not working any more

You need more

You cannot go on living in shadows of death

You long for life

And you belong to the light

Death shows you how important and fleeting it is

So open your heart sweetheart

Open the front door

And move forward to embrace

Whatever this new day brings

Knowing you have the capacity to

Bear it all

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