What Attracts An Empath To A Narcissist

This was reblogged by a fellow blogger. It is so powerful thought I really needed to reblog it. It explains my experience exactly.

So Long Sociopath

Have you ever seen the way the light dances in the darkness? She’s stunning. She does not belong, not in those dark corners, not in the haunting night. Naive she darts through the blackness like a knife, it will swallow her whole eventually but she is too busy trying to illuminate the shadows to understand that she is about to be taken over… wistful she waltzes in and wounded she wanders out.

Awhile ago someone asked if I could write an article about why Empaths are are attracted to Narcissists. I have touched upon this in previous posts but I think I can “shed some light” (pun totally intended) on the subject further.

First, if you are like I was years ago you may not know the definition of the word “Empath”, basically it means you are a highly sensitive person. You feel things deeply, you probably are filled with…

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