Losing awareness of our innocence.

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Setting our intent to re-establish a relationship with our child self by integrating our charged emotional states activates the trinity (of father – guidance, mother – nurturing and child – innocence, joy and creativity).  It also allows us the opportunity to actively give ourselves the quality of unconditional attention we required as children but didn’t receive.

The intent to re-establish (this relationship) awakens the emotional capacities required for us to become our own parent.  Connecting with our child self calls us to step onto the pathway of self nurturing and inner guidance – a pathway paved by displaying compassion towards ourselves.  This pathway enables us to overcome the unintegrated imprints we still unconsciously share with our parents.  Each effort we make to re-establish an unconditionally attentive relationship with our child is rewarded with increased Presence and present moment awareness.

The child within us is both innocent and simultaneously helpless.   Because of its helplessness, it trustingly gives its allegiance to its parents.  As a consequence the vulnerable child becomes imprinted with experiences that are less than loving – not because the parents are intentionally unloving, but because parents are only able to offer the same quality of unconditional attention to the child they received during their childhood.

As the child becomes an adult, it’s confronted daily with manifestations of the uncomfortable energetic imprinting it received through interaction with its parents.  As an adult, it identifies with the outer physical, mental, and emotional manifestations of these uncomfortable experiences to the point that it comes to believe “I am fearful, angry, and sad,” as opposed to “this is a manifestation of fear, anger, and grief received through imprinting.  It isn’t what I am.

Our identification with the manifestation of uncomfortable imprinting causes us to forget that we entered our life experience in a state of innocence.  By identifying with our experience – with our imprinted state, instead of with the Presence we authentically are – we lose awareness of our innocence.

Michael Brown

The Presence Process

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