Me, alone

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Left of centre you stand

Speaking as if I don’t exist

On the day I really need you to be there

When I felt my body tremble

Why tell myself I needed to push through?

Why not just let go and walk away

You are the magnet

That still exerts a hold over me

And when I look to you for help

Nothing comes

I turn my gaze towards others

Now its hard to go to bed

I wait and I delay

Meeting myself in the cold and dark

But why when I am really my own best friend

Why keep looking for something more outside that is never there

And leaves me more confused and alone than ever

Why not just wrap loving arms around myself

And find peace in that company

All these external things really in the end mean nothing

You cannot take them with you

And they cannot keep you warm at night

The only warmth you find

Is in being there for yourself

In the way others can’t and won’t

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