Hold on to your self.

True Colours

They say there is wisdom in letting go

And yes that is true

Letting go of the things that are necessary

To shed

But there is also a time to hold on

To who you know yourself to be

Growing deep inside

Sometimes we are so open to the world

Telling us we should be, do, express something they see as us

But inside of us we may feel ourselves to be

Someone else entirely

This is when we need to hold onto who we are

Who we know ourselves to be

Deep deep in our souls

For the soul may not always be seen

And sometimes for some of us

It takes time to emerge

If in some way in earlier days

We felt our soul to be unacceptable

But the truth is we are who we are

And need to be that for our emotional and spiritual health

And the ones who recognise us

Won’t cause us to feel angst, contraction and pain

They will let us blossom

Into the flower or fruit

We feel ourselves

And were meant to be

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