The viper’s den


Once again you entered the viper’s den

Was it any wonder that your legs were shaking

And your belly was aching

In the hall of mirrors reflecting only an empty view

And along a line of mouths screaming nothing

You walk alone

The bitter tide that washed you up

On the shore close to the viper’s den

Flows in your veins

Cold memory of nothing

Now you have been captured again

Your body and heart saw it coming

But your vision went blind

Its only when the vipers

Get you to sign on the dotted line

You begin to wake up to the dream

They are not vipers

Just humans doing what they do

You are the one who is confused

Your empty heart

Gave birth to the confusion

Why didn’t you listen to your soul’s advice

Stay cosy in your room

Where you have all you need

The space where you are no longer

Lured to empty places

By the hunger in your soul


That only leads to more emptiness, suffering and pain

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