Let me be broken


Let me be broken where I am

Don’t tell me to hold it all together

That’s your shit, not mine

Yes, I know you felt you had to ‘carry on’

Sometimes though the load is entirely too much to bear

And needs to be dropped

Its not a sign of failure, weakness or being bad

Its the most honest thing you can do

To say, for today I don’t feel I can go on

But if you do soon you will find the strength

That will return to you

Just as the ocean returns to fill up hollow spaces at the shore

My healing here was far from done

It was too early to move on

I see that now

And also that I am not allowed to see it

Not allowed to be broken

But until I can how can the new life enter

All the broken places

Hollowed out by suffering

Which were only ever preparing my soul

For renewal

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