Let us reach

Sometimes we need a hand. This was written when I was facing breast cancer last year.

Emerging From The Dark Night


Sometimes it seems

I only know how to be alone

it seems I have been alone so long

that now it is hard

to open the door and let you in

especially when I am hurting

when what I most need

is your love and tenderness

I am beginning to see

that inside is a small child

who learned to survive by being alone

by dissociating

by taking herself off

and learning to deal with things alone

and certainly there is a strength in this

but it is also very human

to feel frail at times

to need support

to find it all a bit too much

to cope with alone

and there is no shame in that

so now when I am facing something

that is very frightening

might I ask you just to sit with me

and hold my hand?

I can hold my own hand

it is…

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