You are a vast expanse opening within me

Where in everything is allowed and flows

A space in which I see so clearly

Where invisible barricades and illusions lived before


You show me that everything happened for a reason

My heart broke apart and ached for a season

A vast dark seemingly endless winter of time

But in time light returned to the places darkness lived

Sucking up all energy in the past

Love you were there under the wreckage

Only asking me to be present to everything

Asking me to open my heart wide enough to see

All the ways in which love was offered

In a way I didn’t understand

The love was always there

But for me it was behind barricades

Once I began to love my pain

I found love in those barren places

A love soft and tender

That healed the aching spots


Gratitude you show me now

Everything happened for a reason

A passing season that in time

Led to spring

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