Fall in love

I have fallen in love with the words and heart felt teachings of a very beautiful soul, Jeff Foster.  I found his book as you do through chance when browsing my library catalogue, if you have suffered depression or pain I so highly recommend him to you.

The following is just one of the beautiful, deeply inspired reflections in the collection The Way of Rest : Finding the Courage to Hold Everything in Love. 


The Hidden Invitation of Loneliness

When you are feeling lonely,

it’s not the presence of another person that

you’re missing,

it’s your own presence.

In search of another,

you’ve disconnected from yourself –

and that’s the greatest pain of all.

Turn toward the place where you are.

Reconnect with a breath. The morning breeze.

The sound of the rain. A silent cup of tea.

Dancing sensations in the belly, the chest,

and the head.

Be here.  Sink into gentleness.  Watch your

loneliness dissolve into exquisite solitude

and a fresh morning.

Be alone, with the miracle of life itself.

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