This post is a bit tongue in cheek but I wonder what crabs ever did to get a bad wrap.  Probably clamped their pincers down on someone who wanted to make a dinner out of them or prevented them from walking sideways along the beach in a way their evolution devised for them.

I think the Moon may have been in Cancer last night when I got angry about being ignored by one of my nephews in favour of my other sister.  I can imagine why he wanted to talk to her, she doesn’t complain as much as me and get her feelings all hurt and pushed out of shape.  I see it and I get it.   She’s chosen a bi-polar diagnosis (while not believing it) as he has and takes her meds.  They have more in common.  And over the past five years she has moved away from her crabby South Node in Cancer to embrace a more proactive and pragmatic North Node in Capricorn.  I see the positive of it.  She doesn’t have my super high sensitivity and she appears able to brush things off which is probably really good.

I look at my reactions in the light of day and feel an idiot and a bit ashamed.  I wish at times I didn’t have this crabby Moon Saturn side that feels invisible, ignored, sidelined or alone.  Its a bit of a pain to be  honest so after I gripe about what someone did nor didn’t do I give myself a good talking to about how to be less crabby and change my emotion or thinking around the issue.   Yet then I think my feelings had a basis in fact so why am I arguing about it with myself?  You might have some clues or do the same.  The good things I do see in me though is that often I won’t take it out on the person. I am more likely to take it out on me.  I get a stomach upset or muscles spasm.  I am more aware of this these days and my body/mind awareness is growing.

Well that is all for now but I just though it was kinda funny to think of this soft centred crustaceans having to mount defences of killer pincers, after all those out to get them aren’t interested in the shell at the end of the day, its the soft squirmy tender soft meat on the inside they are after.

P.S..   Laughing these kind of reactions off is probably a good thing.  A deeper wound got triggered, that wound is real and it hurts.  But we don’t want to suffer endlessly over our wounds.  We can find ways to live with them with irony, magnanimity and grace.

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