A voice in your soul

Don’t worry if you feel you can only do one tiny good thing

in one small corner of the cosmos. 

Just be a Buddha body in that one place.

Thich Nhat Hanh


A voice in your soul whispers to you

“You are not alone”

Though you body is bent double

With not knowing which way to choose

Although a long time ago

You felt so alone

A stranger in a world you did not understand

Because you did not fully understand yourself

Or find others to trust

I am not sure if you were alone then

You just longed for someone to see your soul

You longed to not be reaching to be filled by others

From a place of emptiness

Not entirely sure if this was where you belonged

Now you know

You belong to yourself

And sometimes you do connect

To the heart

From your heart

From that place of deep feeling

You were only ever trying to find the way there

And now sometimes it happens

On a gentle autumn day

A lady draws close

And tells you of her sadness over her dog that died

How the vet would not let him die at home


You recognise how lonely

The world can be

When people don’t respond from their hearts

But from rules and regulations

And you know that as long as

Your heart is awake and aware

Connecting to other hearts

You will never be alone

In the deeper space you are connected

Through the deep pool of human feeling

That flows from soul to soul

With no barriers or boundaries.

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