On Grief


Grief can be a teacher of the soul.  It can temper me.

It can open my eyes and heart

to wisdom and understanding born from suffering. 

When I cannot grieve, I carry wounds in silence. 

Grief can cleanse my psyche of frozen patterns –

of complexes and compulsions held in place and hidden by unfelt pain. 

Feeling the pain that drives me into destructive forms

of thinking and behaving

can release the energy within me

that has been stored and used to maintain rigid defences. 

If I am willing to feel grief,

then I don’t have to defend against feeling it. 

All the energy I have used to keep from feeling pain can finally be freed. 

Grief is just a feeling,

and I will survive feeling it,

knowing that it is only by experiencing that that I can let it go.

I am strong enough to feel real grief.

Let the young rain of tears come

Let the calm hands of grief come

It’s not as evil as you think.  

Rolf Jacobson

Source :  The Soul’s Companion,  Tian Dayton, January 19, page 21

2 thoughts on “On Grief”

  1. I actually told myself early this year that I won’t suppress grief and sadness anymore as I’ve done my whole life. I think it stops me from feeling even my good emotions in a more beneficial way. So, this is a timely poem for me. Thanks for posting it!


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