Fear strikes


Fear strikes its terror into your heart

Curled cobra at your feet

The only protector you know

Shame drenched cells

Where love should have lived

You cannot find true rest

If you cannot trust your feelings

And your body

Serpent be wise

Show me there is nothing to fear in fear

If others try to disarm me

Let me understand

They have their defences

Don’t let fear have the final word

Love is stronger

It truly is

Help me know

That true strength and freedom comes

From trusting myself

From trusting my feelings

And knowing

That I have the power

To survive the wisdom and truth

They restore to me

2 thoughts on “Fear strikes

  1. Really powerful. I need to feel into my fear more and go for those things that frighten me anyway. Instead of running, face it head on and allow it to fuel my desire to move forward and win.

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