We are all afraid


We are all afraid

we just have to get to the point

where we understand

it just doesn’t mean

we can’t be brave

Brene Brown

An act of courage is an act of sharing your story.

You may feel shame before you do it

You are being vulnerable and unmasking yourself

Ego of self and others would have you believe you have no inherent worth

Beyond what you wear, look like, how you perform

Ego would have you believe you have to hustle to prove yourself.

We now live in a culture that lives on how many likes you get on Facebook

We are steeped fear and a collective post traumatic reaction following 9/11

There is a thin film of terror wrapped around us

We feel  :  I am not enough, I don’t have enough

The number one casualty of a scarcity culture is vulnerability

We shut down

Vulnerability is the birth place of all we hunger for

Joy creativity faith love

and there is none without risking failure.

Be open enough to take the risk to fail.

Be open enough to risk your heart

And if others trash it

Walk away

And Live to love another day

Never let anyone decimate your inherent sense of worth

God doesn’t make mistakes

Note : the above content is composed of thoughts and dialogue between Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown all except for the last few lines which are my own thoughts.

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