Oceans, within oceans, within oceans


Pisces is the sign of unity, where ego dissolves and you become one with the universe (and also the sign of illusion in which the reality of a true self gets dissolved by larger forces???). Pisces is the sign that depicts that which connects us all and can represent common experiences that shape our lives – birth, death, marriage – the great tidal waves of emotion that can lift us up or sink us.

This is a beautiful, ethereal, gentle, spiritual sign but it also has its undertow. The symbol of Pisces is two fish connected by a thread. One fish is swimming one way in the shallow waters, another fish swims in the opposite direction in deeper waters. Sometimes Pisces can feel like this, utterly confusing! You don’t know which way to turn. There’s a sense that everything is connected yet what is on the surface is completely different to what is going on underneath. Like water, Pisces reflects our dreams, illusions and delusions, the deepest unconscious yearnings. It’s both real and unreal, buoyant yet sinking.

Navigation through this eclipse requires elements of trust, surrender and listening closely to intuitive prompts. Little may be as it seems on the surface and it may take some deep diving to really understand the big picture. Whatever emerges from these deep waters, don’t let fear chase you away from your faith. As this is the last of the eclipses in Pisces and also a South Node eclipse, there are inevitable endings but there are new shores to explore too. Between life’s highs and lows are waves of peace, rippling out from the cosmos.

Leah Whitehorse, Lua Astrology, Pisces Solar Eclipse 2017

You tell me not to get so emotional

That things are not that way

You cannot grasp

That there are oceans within oceans within oceans

In my heart

Its something that words could never describe

These vast panoramic places of soul

Within which so much life swims

Deep below the surface

And things are not as they seem to you

For me

Its okay though

You say the words

I watch them drift away on the breeze

Useless to argue

I feel a doorway at the base of my heart give way

It was always this way

In my heart having to live in your world

Of practicalities

Sometimes two worlds cannot meet

And yet today that is okay

You can be you

And I can be me

I can know now

That to feel

Oceans, within oceans, within oceans

Sets me free

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