Lonely girl


Lonely girl

You never really learned how to connect

And also you were never connected to much

In a way that made you feel held

So you went through life

Not feeling that you had a skin

You tried to make a skin

That was comfortable to live in

But often others saw the skin

And told you something was wrong with it

Your ways of protection pushed love away

But you know that some one did see

Why and how it came to be that way

And now you know when you are disconnected

And when you reconnect

At times loneliness is deep

But you know the loneliness that comes

When instead of responding to and valuing the ways of your soul

You move away from that deeper inner spiritual connection

When you truly listen in

And respond from a place of love and self value

And are responded to this way

Loneliness melts away

You are no longer the lonely girl you once were

For in the place of loneliness and emptiness

You now find a fullness that comes

From knowing that who you are

What you feel

And what you value is okay

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