Wrapped up in my cocoon

Life is safe

Outside the influences

Of those who told me who and what to be

In which I got lost

Cocoon was needed

So I could grow a new skin

And undergo certain metamorphoses

But now I don’t feel as raw and tender

Now I no longer fear the deep ocean

That could not be contained before

 I smiled to myself when you told me

Deb, one day you will find your sea legs

Yes one day you promised me that

I would stand on solid ground

Not just tumultuous shifting sands

That could be annihilated by larger waves

That as a sensitive I had no protection from

Now I feel that I am ready

To shed this cocoon with in which so much has changed

I feel both wings almost fully formed

Preparing to take flight

I feel the new life that wants to express

From within and without

Bursting forth as I wrestle this way and that

Cocoon thank you

For all that you gave me

Cocoon let me shed

This comfortable place

Let me surrender

What needs to be let go

Grant me the courage

To spread my wings and fly

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