These empty spaces

empty bubble.jpg

These empty spaces

Lacuna where love should have lived

Are very real

Don’t try to say

That there is something I would have

Could have done

To get it right

Or make the pain and emptiness go away

Who can say by what mysterious process

We are one day filled

With the truth, joy and bittersweet agony of our soul

Embraced as we retrieve our deeper selves

From the wreckage of burnt ashes

Desolate inner places

Where we suffered wordless pain

Not ours alone, sister

But our task to be

The ones waking up

The ones who know deeper truths

With a knowing difficult to explain

So don’t tell us we should not be cracked

In these broken places

For these broken places fully embraced

Are the birthplace of love

They are the way into the soul’s lacuna

Where the elixir of healing resides

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